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India is a country with different cultures, languages, religions, customs and even human skills. Introduction of our brand, Annata; has taken us to India in search of traditional handmade Cashmere wool scarfs. January 2015 was the month that we spend in India travelling through different cities, meeting different people and that led us to places where we found authentic Indian handmade scarfs.

We were astonished to find the huge variety of scarfs that are made by Indian artisans using skills they have learned from their forefathers. The color, quality and feeling of these scarfs have what attracted us and motivated us to introduce it to the Dutch market. Along with handmade Cashmere woolen scarfs, we have managed to find traditional and classic cotton, viscose and silk scarfs.

Business deals in India are far more casual as compare to Europe. People (or manufacturers) are emotionally attached to products that they produce and sell. Quality of these handmade scarfs is highly maintained by these artisans and they take interest in the satisfaction of their customers. We found it very comfortable in dealing with these businessmen and have a very confident feeling of having a long-term business relationship with them.

In near future, we will plan more visits to India and explore its markets even further to find more interested items that will be suitable for Dutch and rest of European market.

At the moment, we are very excited and feeling proud in introducing this genius work of Indian artisans to the Dutch market. We are looking forward to have a healthy and happy relationship with our customers for years to come.


Jatinder & Ramandeep

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